Curls, Coils & Waves.


We understand that if you have wavy or curly hair you must work with it differently. At Xanadu Salon & Color Bar,  not only have a passion for hair color...but we love us some texture. You will have a whole new relationship with your hair after experiencing our Curly Haircut. What a difference this has made in the lives of our wavy and curly hair clients!

Curly Haircut  $100+

This will be your first curly cut with us. It can take up to 2 hours. We go over proper treatment, shampoo & styling. You will go home with a Microfiber towel.

Please arrive with clean, dry hair in its natural form. Meaning, please do not wear your hair pulled back. Your haircut will be performed dry with your style to follow.


Curly Express Haircut  $70+

After you’ve had the full Curly Haircut experience, you qualify for our Curly Express Haircut! During this 45-60 minute reservation, you will have a dry haircut and a style refresher which replaces the cleansing, conditioning and dryer time portion of the full experience. 

Curly Child's Cut  $60+

(ages 10 & under)

Curly Hair Lesson  $40-55+

Learn how to style and take care of your curls properly. Include shampoo and blow-dry lesson.

Discover Your Unique Curl Care Regimen





S-Shaped Curves (2A - 2B - 2C)
Want Weightless Moisture For Enhanced Texture, Volume, and Movement.

Classic Spiral Curls (3A - 3B - 3C)
Need Balanced Hydration for Defined, Bouncy, and Frizz-free Curls.

Coil and Zig-Zag (4A - 4B - 4C)
Demand Intense Moisture and Oils for Strength, Shine, and Manageability.