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Blond Wavy Hair


Wake Up Your Waves

Loose Curls and S-Shaped Waves 

Waves are playful, beachy, and have amazing versatility but have different needs than curly or coily hair. Wavy hair can be unpredictable from day to day, lack volume in the right places, and have you waking up to a frizzy nightmare. When your hair’s needs are met with the right regimen and habits… you can expect effortless bounce, movement, and body.

While hot tools may be a big part of your routine… they can damage your hair and zap your pattern without the right care and protection…

“Oftentimes… wavy hair gets left out of the conversation. Wavy girls feel like they have to commit to either wearing it scrunched and air dried or straight/blown out. Much of my career has been built on helping my wavy clients fall in love with the versatility of their natural hair texture”

- Jeffrey Mayo
Eufora National Trainer and Curl Expert

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