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Bold & Beautiful

Coils and Zig Zag Patterns 

Coiled curls range from tight s-shaped coils to zig zag shapes and are beautifully voluminous and full of spring and bounce. Each hair strand has its own unique pattern and coils are more fragile and prone to damage than other hair types. 

Coils struggle to absorb and retain moisture (and products) leading to dryness and intense frizz. Light gets trapped in the coil pattern and refuses to reflect light, especially when damage is present, making hair seem dull or matte. 

The dramatic shapes, twists, and turns cause the protective cuticle layer to lift and weakens your hair at each pivot. The tighter your coil or pattern… the harder it is for your natural oils to travel down the hair shaft and moisturize the entire strand. 

“Working with curly hair is about creating softness. If you’re using products with alcohol or too much hair sprays, gel, or any heavy fixatives - you will create more stiffness instead of movement and bounce.”

- Lisa Vann
Eufora National Trainer and Curl Expert

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