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Xanadu has an innovative approach to your hair experience. We utilize a pricing model that gives your stylist the ability to give you the hair of your dreams without limitation while maintaining the integrity of your hair .                 

Hair Color

All color & blonding services include a complimentary scalp massage, Trim/dusting & blowdry/style.            Starting prices are based on the stylist's level of experience & demand. We use a Parts (Product Cost) + Labor model.

Base Color

Typically the goal is to roll back the clock...We will chat about all your dreamy color goals, plus together we will come up with a suitable solution for you, your budget and your calendar.

  • TOUCH UP COLOR   from $ 95

  • ALL OVER COLOR      from $125


There are endless approaches to creating dimension in the hair, from classic to trending.                                     We love when the right color just hugs your cut in all the right places...

  • PARTIAL HIGH LIGHT    from $185

  • FULL  HIGH LIGHT     from $ 220



We start with a conversation about what works for you and what doesn't. From there we design solutions to make your hair fit your lifestyle better. We include a styling lesson and, of course, a wonderful shampoo and scalp massage (the best part.)

  • HAIRCUT & BLOW-DRY FINISH     from $40 - 75

Your haircut will include a cleansing and conditioning treatment with a scalp massage and an aromatherapy warm towel.

  • SPA HAIRCUT     from $60 - 95

The amazing haircut you've come to expect, a deep conditioning or scalp treatment suited for your specific hair type and a gorgeous blowout.

  • CLASSIC MEN’S HAIRCUT     from $25 - 43

Your haircut will include a cleansing shampoo with a warm towel treatment.

  • CUSTOM MEN’S HAIRCUT     from $39 - 56

This service requires a bit more time for consultation and precision cutting, but it includes everything you receive with a classic men’s cut.

Curly Hair

  • CURLY HAIRCUT & STYLE     $100+

Service includes a personalized consultation, cutting techniques specifically designed for all textures, from wavy to kinky curly, product recommendations for your specific texture that makes it easy for you to maintain your curls at home and a terry cloth drying cloth to take home.


After you’ve had the full Curly Haircut experience, you qualify for our Curly Express Haircut! During this 45-minute reservation, you will have a dry haircut and a style refresher which replaces the shampoo room cleansing, conditioning and dryer time portion of the full experience.


Do you love your curls right after you've been to the salon? Do you wish they could look that way every day? Let our texture experts show you how to get the most out of your curls. Includes a shampoo & scalp massage.

  • CURLY CHILD’S CUT     $60+

(ages 10 & under)



Consultation required

We specialize in Tape-in's and Sew-in human hair wefts.                                                                      All Hair Extension services require a consultation for proper price quote.


Our signature shampoo is a special treat. Here are additional services to enjoy in between your regular Xanadu visits. Treat deserve it!

  • BLOWDRY STYLE     from $35

Enjoy a shampoo and style with a salon blowout. We’ll also show you how to help this style last more than 24 hours!



Let us help you look your best on your special day! Please arrive with clean, dry hair.

  • 10 MINUTE SCALP MASSAGE (added to any service)     $20+


  • BROW TINTING     $15

We use a high-quality vegetable-based dye that won't cause irritation or staining.

  • BROW WAX     $15

Specialty Treatments

 Let our skilled stylist prescribe the perfect Specialty Treatment based on your individual hair needs!  

We have a variety of options including: K-18, Leaf and Flower Molecular CBD Treatment, Brazilian Blowout Rewind, and Gold's Metamorphyc Salon System


Suffering from dry, itchy scalp? Thinning hair? This ritual will moisturize, remove build up, and improve overall scalp and hair health. This ritual includes a fabulous scalp massage to improve circulation, always a welcome treat.


Feeling a little parched? Hair color not as lively as usual? This ritual provides an instant hydration boost to condition and restore those tired, dull, moisture-starved strands!

  • COLOR REFRESH     $35

Has your hair color lost that "fresh from the salon" look? Revitalize it with a "color refresh" ritual. Restore shine and lustre to color-treated hair. Remove that brassiness, restore those rich tones, or amp up that vibrancy!

  • DAMAGE CURE     $35

Are you battling breakage? Suffering the abuse of aggressive styling or chemical services? Restore lost nutrients, essential proteins, and oils and give your hair the TLC it needs to shine with health and vitality!



Life is just a little bit easier when your hair is frizz-free. You have enough to worry about, let your hair be the least of it. We use a variety of smoothing treatments, depending on your hair type.


Be Frizz-Free Haircut to Haircut...lasts four weeks! No downtime...can be added to any haircut or color service!

  • PERMANENT WAVE     $130+

Add texture to your hair. Beachy waves, ringlets, or volume!

We offer a tiered pricing structure to allow luxury hair services to be more affordable to everyone. Stylist prices vary based upon their individual reputation, time invested with Xanadu, continuing education and overall demand. Please note all fees may be adjusted based upon the overall complexity of a design. Not all hair is created equal, and some services may require extra time, effort and resources.

All color services are quoted at the time of service, by the servicing stylist. (The bigger the project, the bigger the fee.) Any communication of price prior to the day of service and without an in-person consultation is an estimate made in good faith. 

Hair color pricing
Haircut pricing
Styling Pricing
Smoothing Pricing
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