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Our Services.

We create beautiful, believable hair color, and are known for it! We are also able to give you that fun, vivid color that you crave, as well.

At every appointment, you will receive a complete consultation, a price quote before we get started, and of course our professional recommendation for your at-home hair care products, along with a plan to maintain your look going forward.

To give you the hair of your dreams, we need a thorough understanding of where you are currently and what you hope to achieve. We believe it is our responsibility to be fully transparent with anyone who trusts to put their hair in our hands. If we cannot achieve what you want, we will give you professional recommendations of what we can accomplish.

Xanadu is the proud recipient of multiple hair color awards. With six levels of stylists to choose from, we are able to provide great hair services for any budget. Prices are based on stylists individual expertise, education and years of experience.

We Want You to Love Your Hair!

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Lauren was absolutely wonderful. She made me feel very relaxed and talk to me and checked on me very frequently throughout my appointment. She was very personable and easy to talk to. She was full of life and could tell that she loved doing the work. She made my experience at the salon wonderful. I was having a rough day but by talking to her and the experience that she gave me turned my day around. Having a hairstylist like Lauren working for this business is why I will continue to return. Having people like Lauren is how you keep customers. Thank you for giving me such a great experience!

- Jeni

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