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Wake up your Waves

Loose Curls and S-Shaped Waves 

Waves are playful, beachy, and have amazing versatility but have different needs than curly or coily hair. Wavy hair can be unpredictable from day to day, lack volume in the right places, and have you waking up to a frizzy nightmare. When your hair’s needs are met with the right regimen and habits… you can expect effortless bounce, movement, and body.

While hot tools may be a big part of your routine… they can damage your hair and zap your pattern without the right care and protection…

“Oftentimes… wavy hair gets left out of the conversation. Wavy girls feel like they have to commit to either wearing it scrunched and air dried or straight/blown out. Much of my career has been built on helping my wavy clients fall in love with the versatility of their natural hair texture”

– Jeffrey Mayo
Eufora National Trainer and Curl Expert

Your Wake Up WAVE Care Recommendations:

Curated By Curl Experts – Wavy hair needs lightweight hydration and stylers that won’t weigh down your texture so your waves can take and retain shape.


For Moisture, Strength, and Shine

Curl’n Enhancing Shampoo: Gentle, lightweight formula for shiny, bouncy curls.

Curl’n Enhancing Conditioner: Nutrient rich-daily conditioner that detangles and restores moisture without adding weight for lively, frizz-free, and manageable curls.

Both Curl Enhancing Shampoo and Conditioner feature complex formulations based in 100% Organic Aloe Vera gel that provides essential vitamins and amino acids for hair and scalp health.

PRO TIP: The best time to comb through waves is when they are wet. Use a wide tooth comb, after applying conditioner, and start at the ends and work your way up toward the roots to effortlessly glide through and detangle.

Step 1: Prep for Frizz Prevention

When curly hair is wet – it is most vulnerable to frizz and breakage. Embrace a microfiber towel to gently blot (never rub) moisture out before applying any leave-in treatments or prep products. 

Spray a generous amount of Perfect Curl Activator on work through damp hair. This leave-in curl enhancing prep spray features curl perfecting styling agents thermal protection to leave your hair soft, shiny, and frizz free.

Step 2: Style for Definition, Movement, and Bounce

Curl’n Curl Defining Solution is one of the most versatile products to enhance all curl types. This light styling foam uses Squalene to seal the cuticle and is infused with curl enhancing and protective extracts. For extra frizz control and added hold… layer with EuforaStyle Forming Cream to give more shape, definition, and anti-humidity benefits to keep your hair touchable and shiny.  PRO TIP: Apply products to towel dried hair with a light scrunching motion. Use fingers to form curl patterns and once your hair is 50% dry… use your microfiber towel to scrunch wave into desired style. Gently diffuse or let air dry before step 3

Step 3: Pump Up the Volume

Craving more volume? Wavy hair often falls flat at the crown and can get oily at the scalp. EuforaStyle Powder Lift creates volume and separation at the root through Ionic Repulsion Technology and provides excellent oil absorption and texture. 

Sprinkle directly on to dry roots and massage with your fingers to achieve lift and volume. For a thicker, fuller look… rub together into your hands and rake fingers through dry hair.

Using Hot Tools?

Whether you want to hold your curls or keep hair smooth all day… EuforaStyle Retain is the perfect, multipurpose styler to help you protect your hair against heat damage and give you long lasting style retention. On dry hair, spray Retain on each section before using your hot tool. Quinoa proteins help protect your hair up to 428F, enhance shine, and provide excellent style retention.

For a lightweight, flexible hold finish… lightly mist over your finished style 

PRO TIP: Using a reparative treatment once per week in between the heat styling will give you hair a break and restore amino acids and moisture to keep your hair healthy.


Revitalizing your texture has never been easier. Instead of using water that leaves your hair dehydrated and frizzy… use Perfect Curl Activator to bring life back to your waves. Sprinkle Powder Lift onto your dry roots for volume and oil absorption.

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