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Smooth’n and Groovin’

It’s summer in Virginia which means hot humid weather, which also means frizzy hair. Luckily, Eufora has amazing smoothing products that help fight frizz. Their Smooth’n line is a progressive line which means the more you use it the smoother your hair will become. Another really great product that is a must-have is a heat protectant. Retain is the best option because it has a slight hold to it. That means your style will last longer! Xanadu is running a promotion right now where if you buy the Smooth’n Straightening Balm and a bottle of Retain you get FOUR travel size products for free. Yeap, you read that correctly, FREE! The four travel size products you receive are Frizz Control Shampoo, Frizz Control Conditioner, Pure Polish, and Thermal Defense Prep. This is such a great deal so don’t miss out on it! Swing by either Xanadu location to pick up yours today!!

XOXO, The Xanacrew

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