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All The Tools You Need To Become a Successful Hair Stylist

Starting in the beauty industry doesn't have to be difficult. It's all about mastering a few key skills, following proven systems and developing a confident mindset.

We will discover all the little things it takes to become a six-figure stylist and create an amazing and successful career - and live the life of your dreams!

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Meet Danise

I’m your host, Danise Keilitz. I’ve been a stylist for over 30 years, and I’ve owned multiple award-winning, 7-figure salons. I have also formed Xanadu Academy with some pretty talented stylists, where the main goal is to remove the stigma placed on our industry.

Together, we will show you what it takes to become a six-figure stylist and have a career you can be proud of by getting more clients in your chair, more techniques in your toolbox and more confidence in yourself. Let’s transform your business behind-the-chair starting right now.

And remember:  it’s not about the little things, it’s ALL about the little things.

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