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New Products Coming Soon!

MirzaEufora Global Team Member Mirza Batanovic gives us the scoop on the newest Eufora products, Tame and Behave, available soon here at Xanadu.

Why Were Tame and Behave Created?

Both of these products are new to Eufora. Tame fills the need for a lightweight hairspray that adds shine, remains touchable and has just enough memory and flexibility for the style.

Behave, on the other hand, is its creamy partner in the form of a lightweight, but controllable, styling cream. Behave is kind of like a blow-dry artist’s dream product.

How Are They Used?

Behave is used on damp hair for blowouts. Tow1261el-dry the hair really well and use a nickel- to a quarter-sized amount, depending on your hair density. Then, blow-dry as desired.

Tame is used on dry hair once your style is finished or during a curl set on dry hair. It can also be used to refresh shine when brushed through the hair.

What Are the Special Ingredients and Technology?

As with anything Eufora, the ingredients used here are purposeful and intentional. Key Amino Acids and Proteins in Behave allow it to be a wear-in treatment as well. The natural oil blend in Behave includes Argan Oil, Kukui Oil and Cranberry Oil for moisture, shine and antioxidant benefits.

Tame, an aerosol hairspray, has our Chromaveil technology, which protects the hair, prevents color degradation from the sun and adds just the right amount of shine, thanks to Brazil Nut Oil.

What Are These Products Good at Achieving?

Behave is fantastic for blowouts. It helps lock out frizz but retain moisture in the hair. The pliability is fantastic for creative brush work during the blowout. You can also take a little bit on your fingers to piece out already dry hair on the ends.

Tame is a very brushable and touchable holding agent with just a hint of shine. It’s great for spraying the hair as you curl it for protection, style memory and shine.

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Interview by Premier Beauty Supply

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