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Let’s Clarify On Why You Should Clarify Your Hair

If you are someone who likes to stretch out the days between shampoos you need a clarifying shampoo in your shower! I know what you’re thinking, “I need two shampoos? Why?” Well, a clarifying shampoo goes in and cleans off any leftover product, residue, and any buildup that might be on your hair. Eufora’s Urgent Repair Shampoo is great because it restores the shine in your hair but the best part is it is color safe. You should be using Urgent Repair at least once a week. I typically follow up with my normal shampoo (Moisture Intense Shampoo) for a little extra moisture. So, if you don’t have a clarifying shampoo yet, I’ll see you soon 😉

XOXO, The Xanacrew


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