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It’s all about Dry Shampoo

Welcome back, Xanababes! Let’s talk about why you need dry shampoo and how to properly use it. Besides shampoo and conditioner this is a product you need in your arsenal. Eufora’s dry shampoo, Fresh Effect, is perfect because it doesn’t leave a white residue on the hair. Fresh Effect is used for a couple of different reasons. Some people use dry shampoo to give their hair a little bit more grit to help hold those curls in place without using hairspray. While majority of people use dry shampoo to soak up excess oil so they do not have to wash their hair every day. Now that we’ve talked about why you need Fresh Effect let’s talk about how to properly use it.

Using dry shampoo is so easy and you see the effects it makes almost immediately. If you feel like you have excessively oily hair you can apply Fresh Effect at night to soak up the oils while you sleep. If you don’t feel this way you can apply the dry shampoo in the morning. To apply fresh effect section your hair into small horizontal sections from your ear to the top of your head. You are going to spray a small amount of product between each section. Then do the same thing from your nape up. After applying Fresh Effect let it sit for a few seconds to absorb. Once the product absorbs you can style your hair!

Right now at Xanadu Hair Salon we are running a promotion on our Full Effect (which is our dry texturizing spray) and Fresh Effect. If you buy a full bottle of Full Effect you will receive a travel size of Fresh Effect. This makes it perfect for you to try it out! Don’t sleep on this deal, y’all!

XOXO, The Xanacrew

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