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Hair Oiling with Eufora’s Beautifying Serum

Hair oiling is all the rage right now and there’s tons of different ways you can do it but the best way we have found is with Eufora’s Beautifying Serum.

This serum has so many uses but it was originally created as a treatment for your hair. This Beautifying Serum has four different oils in it, each with a different purpose. The four oils are Kukui, Argan, Neem and Cranberry. The combination of these oils will help with dry and frizzy hair by bringing your shine and smoothness back. We recommend that you lather your mid-shaft and ends in this serum and apply a cap over your hair while you sleep with the treatment on. In the morning shampoo it out and there you have it! Your hair will feel silkier and healthier. You will be addicted to this Beautifying Serum. Stay tuned for more ways you can use this serum!

XOXO, The Xanacrew

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