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Hair Extensions Part 2

Last week we talked about why you need hair extensions even if you aren’t looking to add length. Just look at this before and after! She was facing loosing several inches due to heat damage in the front sections of her hair, but she was able to save her length with just a few pieces of added hair!


We know you have so many questions so let’s dive in to some common FAQ’s!

How is the hair applied?

We use tape in extensions. The hair comes in panels about an inch wide. Each panel of hair has a “tape tab” at the base. The “tape” is medical grade so it’s safe and is easily removed with alcohol. It literally slides right off the hair when ready to be removed. To apply the hair, we take small sections of your hair and sandwich it between two panels of hair extensions. The panels stick together and voila!

How long is the process to have the hair applied?

As far as hair extensions go, these are by far the quickest and easiest! You can have a full head done in under 2 hours. Typical application time is about 90 minutes, but could be much quicker if only adding a few panels for fullness instead of length.

What is the maintenance like?

4-6 weeks is about the max amount of time you’ll want to go before having these removed. The really great thing about tape in’s is that we can re-tape the same hair up to 3 times! This means that we remove the hair, add fresh tape tabs to the panels, give you a great shampoo an then reapply your same hair. This helps cut the cost for you BIG time.

How much does it cost??

Of course this is the biggest question we receive. It’s also the hardest one to answer. That’s because a large portion of the cost is the actual hair itself. Length, color and amount of hair you will need will all effect the cost. That being said, tape ins are one of the most economical hair extension type! We are able to keep costs down because the application is so quick. A consultation is the best way to get a an exact price quote based on your needs. Consultations are always free!

More questions we didn’t cover? Email us! We’d love to chat!


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