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Easy Hairstyle for When You’re Running Late

How many of us wake up late every day? Yep we all do! We want to share an easy hairstyle that you can do to still look put-together even if you woke up late.

First step is to split your hair down the middle and secure into pigtails. (Super cute, right?lol)

Next, a few inches down from your first elastic, secure another elastic. Between those two elastics you’re going to do a topsy turvy. A topsy turvy is when you split your hair and loop the rest of your hair through it.

Repeat these steps until you get to the bottom of your hair and then do the other side! It’s so easy and so fun looking. If you have any styling questions please come see us at either Xanadu Hair Salon location and we’ll be glad to show you a few styling tips and tricks!

XOXO, The Xanacrew!


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