Hair Extensions Part 2

Last week we talked about why you need hair extensions even if you aren’t looking to add length. Just look at this before and after! She was facing loosing several inches due to heat damage in the front sections of her hair, but she was able to save her length with just a few pieces […]

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Add volume to second day hair

Okay, so you want to join the club and start stretching how often you shampoo? Yessssssss sister! We’ve been waiting for you! Second day hair is all about product! Powder Lift is perfect for giving you lift at the root without having to pull out that round brush and blowdryer. Pair this bad boy with […]

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3 Step Easy Updo

Have you ever gotten an updo done and the first thing you say is “I LOVE IT! I wish I could do that on myself!” WELLLL, you can! There are so many easy updos but this is my favorite because all you need is a headband, a few bobby-pins, and a finishing spray. First you […]

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The Agony of Blowdrying

Blow drying your hair is a pain…trust us, we get it! But let’s work smarter, not harder! Pre-drying your hair before you ever put a brush in it, or flip your head over and go crazy with the blow dryer, will 1. save you so much time but, 2. give you beautiful volume and style. We, […]

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