Happy First Day of Fall!

Happy first day of Fall, y’all! We are so excited for the season change because that usually means fun hair! There are so many options to choose from but a good red is always a fun option. You can do a deep red, a vibrant red, or even just little pops of red lowlights. The […]

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Happy 7th Birthday Xanadu

Today is such a special day because we are celebrating Xanadu Hair Salons’ 7th Birthday. Xanadu Hair Salon is owned and operated by Danise Keilitz. Danise has been doing hair for over 28 years and knew that she wanted to help others learn and grow at this craft. Since the first salon, we have grown […]

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No Eyeliner, Eyeliner Trick

Do you ever wake up super late and have a limited amount of time to spend on your makeup? We have all been there! We want to share an easy way to make it look like you’re wearing eyeliner without the time consuming task of eyeliner. First step is to find a stiff eyeliner brush. […]

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Curls for Days…literally!

Alright curly hair girls, this one is for you! Curly hair is absolutely beautiful but it requires a lot of moisture and a lot of GOOD product. Right now Xanadu is running a promotion on our Eufora Curl’n line. If you buy a full size Curl Activator Spray and Forming Cream you get 4 travel […]

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3 Step Easy Updo

Have you ever gotten an updo done and the first thing you say is “I LOVE IT! I wish I could do that on myself!” WELLLL, you can! There are so many easy updos but this is my favorite because all you need is a headband, a few bobby-pins, and a finishing spray. First you […]

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Smooth’n and Groovin’

It’s summer in Virginia which means hot humid weather, which also means frizzy hair. Luckily, Eufora has amazing smoothing products that help fight frizz. Their Smooth’n line is a progressive line which means the more you use it the smoother your hair will become. Another really great product that is a must-have is a heat […]

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Formaldehyde in the Salon

  It’s not a big surprise that formaldehyde isn’t healthy. And yes, we used to have a service on our menu that claimed it did not contain formaldehyde, yet our stylists were showing symptoms of formaldehyde exposure, exhibiting side effects of wheezing and headaches. We knew if our stylists were feeling this way, then our […]

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