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3 Step Easy Updo

Have you ever gotten an updo done and the first thing you say is “I LOVE IT! I wish I could do that on myself!” WELLLL, you can! There are so many easy updos but this is my favorite because all you need is a headband, a few bobby-pins, and a finishing spray.
First you want to put the headband on overtop of all of your hair. Some people like to wear their headband a little further down on their forehead but that’s entirely up to you!
Next you want to roll your hair up and push it around the elastic part of the headband. After rolling your hair, secure everything with a few bobby-pins.
To finish your look spray a little bit of Eufora’s Elevate hairspray so the style will stay all day.
If you recreate this look make sure you take a selfie and tag us in it! We want to see! Enjoy, babes.
XOXO, The Xanacrew

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